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Track Notes:

Mike Shupp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Chris Zogby: Drums

ISRC: US-PM4-03-00301
(c) (p) 2002 Private Mind Records
Recording Information Notification: (RIN)

ISWC: T-071.565.555-2
Words and Music by Mike Shupp
(c) 2002 Workplace Music (BMI) (Lyrics)

Album Notes

Released September 27, 2002
(c) (p) 2002 Private Mind Records
All songs by Mike Shupp (c) 2002 Workplace Music (BMI)
UPC: 615824000329 | Catalog: PMR-40003

Produced by Mike Shupp
Recorded at City Park Sound, Falls Church, VA, July – Aug 2002
Drums recorded by Mike Harvey at Actiondale Studios, Annandale, VA
Mixed by Don McCollister for D&L Music, LLC at Nickel & Dime Studios, Atlanta, GA
Asst. Engineer at Nickel & Dime: Kris Sampson
Mastered by Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering, Springfield, VA
Design by James Lee at JML Design
Recording Information Notification: (RIN)

Mike Shupp: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
Chris Zogby: Drums
Don McCollister: Additional Guitar (3), Additional Bass (3), and Additional Keyboards (6)
Bill Shupp: Harmony Vocal (9)

(c) (p) All Rights Reserved.

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